Chuck Rhodes' Family History & Genealogy

Chuck Rhodes is the author of several books on various family trees, which include the history and genealogy
branches of all connecting ancestors. Some of his family history books exceed 700 pages in length and cover a comprehensive genealogy for the subject families.
In the past, Chuck was a police officer and/or deputy sheriff serving within cities, counties and states of New York, Colorado and Pennsylvania and Ohio.
While living in Colorado, Chuck was a bagpiper player and member of the Shriner's Pipe and Drum unit of Denver. He still gets the old bagpipes out on occasion to play a tune or two.
Chuck's greatest passion, once he retired from all his day jobs, is researching his family tree online. Amassing over 1500 obituaries to date, he seeks out any and all evidence that his ancestor left behind, following the foot-prints of their every move. Not to say all his kin are so easy to track down, because there are certainly a few lines where he has hit a solid brick wall.

About this website:
This is a very in-depth detailed history of my family lines, which are Corey, Mack, Kent, Roberts, Washburn, Rhodes, Lanning, Way, Horton, Wing and others. This journey takes us back in time to the many that gave our family our colorful history right up to those of us who are living today. This research begins in England, Wales, Ireland, Scotland and other unknown lands to the shores of North America. Once they set foot in America they followed rivers, Indian trails, and beaten paths from New England to the oil fields of California. From the North of Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin to the plains of Kansas and Nebraska. Our extended families footprints can be found in every state from ocean to ocean, as well into Canada. What a journey this has been, not only for our ancestors, but for me, in searching for their footprints left behind.
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